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This book originated more than thirty years ago with the first publication of The Sleep Disorders that Peter Hauri, PhD, wrote for Scope Publications.  It was distributed to U.S. physicians by Upjohn Pharmaceutical Company.

Dr. Hauri wrote this book in response to the growing recognition that although sleep disorders fell under the domain of primary care, most primary care physicians did not receive education on these disorders during their medical training.  He intended the original book to be a practical introduction to sleep for the non-sleep specialist.

Since then much progress has been made on diagnosing and treating sleep disorders.  Consequently, Dr. Hauri updated The Sleep Disorders using information mainly contained in the following three sources:

  •     Kryger, Roth, and Dement, Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine, Fourth Edition, (Saunders, Philadelphia, 2005)
  •     Lee-Chiong, Sateia, and Carskadon, Sleep Medicine, (Hanley and Belfus, Philadelphia, 2002)
  •     Silber, Krah, and Morgenthaler, Sleep Medicine in Clinical Practice, (Taylor and Francis, London, 2004)

In some cases, Dr. Hauri also supplemented these sources with information acquired from more recent journal articles, which are cited.  This current edition of The Sleep Disorders has also been simplified and shortened to accommodate a Web format.

Just prior to this book’s publication on National Sleep Foundation’s website, Dr. Hauri passed away unexpectedly but peacefully on January 31, 2013. The National Sleep Foundation was honored to bestow its Excellence in Insomnia Research and Education Award to him in March 2011.  All of us at the National Sleep Foundation are grateful to Dr. Hauri for his tireless work on this publication.

In memory of Peter J. Hauri, PhD.
1933 - 2013